NOTICE: There is a FEE to use this service. The fee is 2.8% for using a debit or credit card with a $2.00 minimum. The fee for using an e-check is $2.75. The fee amount will be on the Secure Checkout page, it is the difference between the "Payment Due" amount and the "Pay now through" amount.

Welcome to the Independence County Tax Collector ePayment Service

This site was created to give taxpayers the opportunity to pay their personal property taxes and real estate taxes online.


Current taxes are due March 1 of each year. Penalties will be added after October 15 of each year, except for funds held in escrow and utility companies; for deadline see Arkansas Code 26-35-101 (escrow) or 26-35-501(utilities payment schedule).

Taxpayers may enter in the parcel numbers they would like to pay or search by name and/or address to retrieve parcel numbers. Parcel numbers can be found on the taxpayer's Property Tax Statement

The accepted payment method is with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card, or an electronic check. An electronic check is a method of debiting the funds from your checking account just as you would write a check.

The total amount will be adjusted to allow for the electronic processing of the transaction through the state's eGovernment service provider,

Taxes paid online will be credited to your account on the day the funds are RECEIVED by the Collector's Office from INA (which may take up to 7 days). If you are paying delinquent personal in order to purchase tags, you need to pay in the office or you will have to wait until this payment is received in the office.

Regardless of how you ask this payment to be applied to your account, it will be applied according to Arkansas Code in this order.
1. Trash or city liens (trash exemptions have to be applied for before payment, no refunds)
2. Delinquent mobile homes and Delinquent Personal
3. Delinquent Personal before Current Personal
4. Delinquent Real Estate before Current Real Estate
5. Current Personal before Current Real Estate
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